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DermaFiller FillMe 1 - Filler Lux™ - DERMAL FILLERS - Medixa

DermaFiller FillMe 1


1  - 22mg - 2 x 1ml 

Fill-Me uses the latest generation of class III fillers developments that combine hyalluronic acid with amino acids. The amino acids glycine and proline in Fill-Me give the product a high viscosity and long-lasting effect. In other words, the filler simply stays put for a long time. Fille-Me is a monophase sterile a-pyrogen hydrogel for the correction of wrinkles and lips.

Feel Me 1 is a high-quality, versatile filler designed for a range of cosmetic procedures, including lip enhancement and the treatment of fine wrinkles. With its medium consistency and advanced formula, Feel Me 1 delivers exceptional results, helping you achieve your desired aesthetic goals with precision and ease.

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