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Ejal 40 - Filler Lux™ - Mesotherapy - Medixa

Ejal 40


What is the best biorevitalization?

It is not easy to choose, among the many products for biorevitalization, the most suitable one that is simple to use but also with rapid and long-lasting results.

For this reason, thanks to our experience and with the help of the major Italian Research Centers, we have chosen among the many possible combinations of molecular concentration and molecular weight of HA, the following:

40mg / 2ml and 1200 – 1800kDalton

Ejal 40 with this optimal formula it best stimulates the hyaluronic acid receptors present in the skin, quickly reducing and eliminating the signs of the natural aging process.

Four good reasons to choose Ejal 40

It is the latest generation of hyaluronic acid with medium molecular weight produced to reconstruct the basic structure of the extracellular matrix (ECM) in that the cells involved in the regeneration phase of new fibers can re-establish natural functional relationships.

Thanks to its effectiveness, it is able to restructure and strengthen the extracellular matrix, revitalizing the skin that is already dehydrated and damaged by aging and sun exposure.

Increases the biosynthetic capacity of fibroblasts inducing the regeneration of an optimal physiological environment, enhancing cellular activities, hydration and the synthesis of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid.

Ejal 40 is indicated

In the skin aging process, the effects include the thickening of the stratum corneum (roughness and less luminosity of the skin) and the alteration of the elastic fibers of the dermis (wrinkles).
 In the process of repairing dermal tissue.

In cases of scarring following superficial skin trauma (e.g. scars from acne and chickenpox).

Natural decrease in Hyaluronic acid (HA)

The appearance of the skin is a primary indicator of aging; one of the main characteristics is the fragmentation of the extracellular matrix (ECM) and collagen fibers.

Indeed, collagen fragmentation is responsible for the loss of structural integrity and impairment of fibroblast functions in the skin.

Hyaluronic acid treatments that stimulate the production of new collagen will provide a substantial improvement in the appearance and health of aging skin.

Ejal 40 replenishes the level of hyaluronic acid (HA), counteracting the natural decrease due to the aging process and is perfectly indicated in skin rejuvenation treatments, prevention of damage from photoaging, treatment of stretch marks and before the use of intradermal fillers.

I four points for Biorivitalization

The most common treated areas are subdural and malarial. In particular, to treat these areas we suggest using Ejal 40 with a more innovative 4-point biorevitalization technique.

The technique 4 BRP – 4 Bio Revitalization Points allows you to use a 0.25 ml injection with a 30G needle on each side of the face with just 4 points, minimizing the risk of blood leakage and optimizing effectiveness through the most homogeneous and fluid injection of hyaluronic acid.

It is suggested to apply the technique following the protocol


– 3 treatments one month apart followed by two months maintenance depending on the degree of aging
–< a i=3> Repeat the cycle twice a year – 1 time a month

Ejal 40 is particularly suitable for the treatment of skin laxity, wrinkles, decreased tone andelasticity a>.intradermal fillers and before the use of


40 mg sodium hyaluronate; sodium chloride; monobasic sodium phosphate dihydrate; dibasic sodium phosphate dodecahydrate; p.p.i. water

One syringe contains 2.0 ml of non-pyrogenic gel, sterilized with moist heat.



Box containing a syringe, two 30G ½ sterile disposable needles, a package leaflet, and two labels showing the batch number.

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