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Fillicia 200 PLA + HA - Filler Lux™ - DERMAL FILLERS - Dermakor

Fillicia 200 PLA + HA



Particle Distribution (Average): Average 30pm.

Proprietary technology that can mass – produce microspheres of uniform size from nano to micro.

High Precision: Production of perfect spherical microparticles; Produce desired uniform particles.

Control the Duration: Control duration by polymer type & property; Expandable with uniform size.

Produce high-quality microspheres: Unique platform technology that can mass – produce spherical particles of uniform size

Porous microparticles


Continuously promotes tissue proliferation in the skin during the year. Effective in treatment of scars, stretch marks (striae), keloid scars.

Possible correction areas: Face; Forehead; Neck; Body; Buttocks.


No. of treatments

Injection Technique: Fanning technique

Shelf period after opening: Must be used immediately after dilution; No re-use.

Application: Cannula 23-25G, SubQ

Long-lasting effect: Up to 24 months

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