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PRX Lightening Serum - Filler Lux™ - SKIN CARE - WiQOmed

Lightening Serum


PRX Lightening Serum for the Intimate Area lightens dark pigmentation spots in the pubic area, all from the comfort of your home. As we age, the skin around the pubic area, anus, and even nipples changes. This generally appears darker and leaves many female clients dissatisfied. Especially after the so-called menopause, these clearly visible age spots form; this happens due to an ever increasing production of brown skin pigments, the so-called melanin. This becomes visible in the unsightly hyperpigmentation. To counteract these signs of aging, the manufacturer WiQo has developed a product called PRX Lightening Serum. Based on an innovative formula consisting of highly concentrated acids and oils, this product has a perfect effect on the appearance of the skin in the intimate areas of the body. The homecare product is easy to use at home and, thanks to an integrated pipette, can be applied drop by drop to the areas to be treated. There, the Lightening Serum brightens the skin over the time of application, resulting in a fresh and youthful complexion. In addition, this serum is dermatologically tested and is used to revitalise the skin for external application. Alone or as part of a professional acid peel treatment, for example the PRX-T Lady from the same manufacturer, the PRX Intimate Lightening Serum, thus has a positive effect on the skin tone and also the condition of the skin. In combination with the above-mentioned anti-aging peeling for the intimate area, this effective serum prolongs the duration of its effect so that the skin in the area of the pubic region, anus and areola looks young effectively and for a long time. If we have piqued your interest in this product and you would like to purchase PRX Lightening Serum for the Intimate Area, you can do so with us today.



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