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PRX - T Lady Intimate area - Filler Lux™ - PEELING - Filler Lux™
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PRX-T Lady Intimate care


 With PRX-T Lady it is possible to safely and easily treat signs of ageing (chronoaging) and hyperpigmentation of the female intimate area, around the anus and at the areola. In addition, an effective lightening of the outer intimate area of the woman is achieved. The skin in the intimate area is particularly sensitive and suffers greatly from signs of ageing, but also from lifestyle factors. PRX-T Lady achieves an aesthetic medical treatment for skin tightening, but also targeted lightening. Desired areas are restored to their original aesthetics in a painless, needle-free treatment with PRX-T Lady. The special feature of this product is its simple, fast application. With a maximum of only 15 minutes per session, clients achieve optimal results without any downtime. In addition to the original firm skin tone, this product has a brightening effect. It can be applied not only to the external intimate area, but also to the armpits, areola and anal area. The treatment is usually completed after three to five sessions. For long-lasting beautiful results, PRX-T Lady works with a formula of H2O2, TCA and kojic acid. These active ingredients stimulate skin regeneration and have a harmless brightening effect.

The 4 steps to the perfect PRX-T Lady result

STEP 1: PRE-CLEANSING with the P-Solution
Effect: The pH value of the skin is lowered to an optimum and prepared for the upcoming PRX-T Lady treatment.
Application: Cleanse the treatment area with the P-Solution and then dry the area thoroughly.

Effect: Skin tightening and lightening of the outer intimate area of the woman.
Application: Before the treatment, protect the mucous membranes with the special cream. Then apply the required amount of PRX-T Lady to the area to be treated.
The application can be repeated up to three times, making sure each time that the product is fully absorbed. Areas should be treated gradually until the entire skin area has been treated.

Application: At the end of the treatment, the remains of the product can be removed with a swab moistened with water.

Application: Finally, we recommend reapplying the restorative cream to restore the hydrolipid layer.

Powerful combination of active ingredients

To achieve such an amazing effect from the very first application, PRX-T Lady uses a very special combination of active ingredients. The product is based on the substance trichloroacetic acid (TCA) and H202. The TCA enables the H202 to penetrate the upper layers of the skin to trigger regeneration processes there. The special feature is that the H202 is applied in a particularly low concentration and at the same time moderates the effect of the TCA. The substances complement each other in their mode of action and additionally stimulate the collagen formation of the tissue. The fuller, firmer appearance of the skin is therefore further enhanced in the days following the treatment. Other ingredients in this product include kojic acid, which has a slight skin-lightening effect. Initial hyperpigmentation disappears quickly as a result.

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Treatment areas:

Ideally suited for treatments of the following areas:

  • Women's intimate area
  • Armpits
  • Areola
  • Anal area

5 x 2ml peeling PRX-T Lady with 33% TCA.

Effect duration:

The effect of this intimate care is already visible after the first application: the skin appearance looks significantly fresher and rejuvenated. The application of PRX-T Lady does not require any rehabilitation time. As a result of the immediately visible results of the treatment, there is an increase in the client's self-esteem. The effect can last 9-12 months after correct application of the treatment. This depends on age, skin type, sporting activity and the technique used.

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