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Black Rose Forte - Filler Lux™ - DERMAL FILLERS - Zishel Group Co., LTD
Zishel Group Co., LTD

Black Rose Forte


ZISHEL ROSE FORTE is a cross-linked hyaluronic acid product designed to target deep wrinkles. With an average grain size of 1,100um per 1ml and using 20mg/ml, this product provides deep dermal and subcutaneous tissue filling for a smoother, more youthful appearance. As a professional-grade product, FORTE offers scientific and objective benefits, making it a top choice for experts in the industry.

FORTE's average grain size is 1,100pm and it is packed in three units: 1ml (27G,29G),
2ml (236,27G), 3ml (23G,27G).


Hyaluronic acid (20mg/ml)

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