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Lips Filler - Filler Lux™ - DERMAL FILLERS - Dives Med
Dives Med

Lips Filler




ULTRA LIPS is a highly specialized product that is specifically designed for restoring volume and shaping your lips. This flexible filling gel is formulated using cross-linked hyaluronic acid, which is known for its exceptional lip modeling and contouring properties. The gel has an ideal density and a molecule size of 600 μm, which allows it to seamlessly integrate into the tissue for a natural look.

ULTRA LIPS features an innovative Hy-BRID technology that gives it an incredibly smooth texture, making it easy to distribute evenly across the skin. This advanced formula is compatible with all lip-shaping techniques, including the most advanced ones.

The BDDE agent used in ULTRA LIPS has been carefully selected to ensure that it does not cause post-dermal swelling. This minimizes any potential risks associated with the treatment, ensuring that you can enjoy beautiful, fuller lips with complete confidence.

The innovative and patent-protected production technology of DIVES MED allows for longer durability of the product and increased viscoelasticity

The use of long chains only with a unique, dense and orderly arrangement guarantees high stability and resistance to metabolization

Their dynamic and plastic structure results from the innovative protection of the acid molecules with a three-dimensional network of non-crosslinked acid chains

A highly structured, well-arranged and externally stabilized core slows down the decomposition process of the acid molecules and increases its efficiency.

 Lip contour, Moisturizes and revitalizes the lips,Eliminates peribuccal wrinkles,Improves the density of the lipstick

The benefits of Dives Filler:


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